Unwanted Pregnancies Result from Pharmaceutical Packing Error

A well-known pharmaceutical company is facing a series of lawsuits after women alleged that they became pregnant after taking the company’s birth control pill. According to one national news report, over 100 women became pregnant while they were taking birth control.

Evidently, the pharmaceutical company somehow rotated the pills in the package, which led to the placebo pills being placed in the front of the package instead of at the end. This resulted in the women ingesting the sugar placebo pills during the wrong time of their cycle. Over 100 women from across the United States have brought the suit and are seeking damages entering into the millions. A few women are asking that the pharmaceutical company bear the cost of raising their children.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of the birth control pills in 2011, but over 100 women were already pregnant at the time of the recall. The company states that they are only able to confirm one defective pill pack and that they believe there was a very small number of packs that were actually defective. At this time, no settlement has been reached, and the case has not been heard by a judge or jury.

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